About Us

Cashwagon is a rapidly-scaling fintech company that operates a unique digital platform to provide access to a broad range of consumer financial products. These products are created for 80% of people in South-East Asia who feel excluded and underserved by traditional financial services.

To achieve this, Cashwagon leverages fintech innovations designed tohelp the many instead of the few.

Our platform

The Cashwagon platform, operated by our local lending partners, enables fast and easy access to a full range of financial products, powered by innovative and scalable digital technologies.

Our proprietary technology is built upon a rapid end-to-end automation system that leverages advanced A.I. and Big Data capabilities to score applicants online with incredible precision and unrivalled fairness. The result is a credit application and payout process that takes just minutes – a relief to those who are experiencing that financial challenges do not wait for anything.

In using our platform, our local partners receive the digital tools to run successful lending businesses empowered by cutting-edge technology while their customers gain access to exciting financial services that are tailored to their needs.


Founder & CEO

We view our Cashwagon as a progressive technology company that builds digital bridges that outperform traditional finance and connect people with the financial assistance they’ve been looking for. We believe that when people have easy access to finance families and communities are healthier, happier and better positioned to succeed.

Our products

Every step of the way, Cashwagon is disrupting the financial services industry to position financial assistance within reach of more people.

Our products are designed for real people. They offer a simple and seamless experience, exceptionally fast procedures, a low barrier to entry, educational support, and innovative data collection and analysis to deliver positive results for both lenders and borrowers.

Based in Singapore, adoption of Cashwagon’s technology is expanding rapidly. We already have active partnerships with operators in six countries: Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

In the coming months, several more countries will gain access to Cashwagon-empowered financial services.

Our Mission

To deliver the fastest and easiest access to a wide range of innovative and effective financial products for the people of South-East Asia.

Our Vision

To lead the way towards a new future of consumer finance in Asia, where people’s lives are made happier through easy and fast access to credit.